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Check Out The Campaign Video For Ashley Thorpe's Upcoming Film "The Borley Rectory"

Award winning filmmaker/animator of such works as "Scarecrow" and "The Screaming Skull", Ashley Thorpe is preparing for his latest spooky bit of British terror for the film "The Borley Rectory". It is a very gripping tale to be told about the most haunted house in England.

"Thorpe is a writer for FANGORIA (his latest piece on Axelle Carolyn’s SOULMATES will be seen in the upcoming FANGORIA #326) and has painted excluve covers for FANGORIA #305 (our bestselling tribute to AMICUS Films) and #308 (Alice Cooper). BORLEY RECTORY may be his most ambitious and expanve project. Legendary rocker Steven Severin (ouxie and the Banshees) will compose the muc while actor Julian Sands will narrate this chilling tale of the most haunted house in England."


Source- Youtube
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