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You have never truly lived until you've seen Die Develkok Die!

Beyond the blood and guts, pimps and hos, the cock-strong and the cock-less, Die Develkok Die is a 70's exploitation film disguised as a superhero movie disguised as a bildungsroman.

While paying homage to a myriad of flicks from the 70's and 80's, Mike Dobrzelecki reenforces his love of splatter films and superhero movies with a deep appreciation and innate creativity.

He takes all the cliches of modern horror and injects them with his own sense of humor, pacing, and imagination until they no longer are familiar to the audience. " class="photoborder" />

Die Develkok Die has some of the best gore that I have seen in a long time, independent cinema, mainstream or otherwise.

Not to go too deep into my personal beliefs, but there is just something about practical effects that gives charm to any film, and if done correctly can also frighten one into the small chuckle you try to hide over your crying as a kid.

One scene in particular (and I really don't want to give away too much) involves Ginger the Dog Girl.

The FX here remind me of KNB and all they've done over the last two decades, even to the extent of wondering if they themselves didn't actually work on the film.

Furthering the brilliance of the film is the score, which in itself, is something one could take home to listen to for its own enjoyment.

Each scene is complemented precisely and each emotion granted its tone.

The grittiness of the movie is accented with lap steel guitar, synths, drum heavy pulses for those deeply intense fight scenes.If there ever was another movie that could compare to the number of intriguing, hilarious, and actually scary characters, one would have to look at the entire Troma catalogue.

Never has there been a movie with this many enduring characters in one film.

Furthermore, some of the best one-liners are scattered throughout, making this quite the quotable movie.

I hate to make comparisons so quickly, but John Carpenter's Dark Star comes to mind when thinking of Die Develkok Die.

From the DYI integrity of the film-making, to the tongue-in-cheek pokes at its predecessors, Die Develkok Die is as every bit a gn of even greater things to come from director Debrzelecki.

If there is one movie I'm going to be able to enjoy by myself or with a group of friends over some beers, it is definitely Die Develkok Die.

If there is one film that makes gives me hope that there are still filmmakers who still give a shit it is Die Develkok Die.

And if there is one film that is going to forever make me laugh, cry, cringe, and want to take a shower after, and then watch again, it is Die Develkok Die!
Madloomis78 Friday 7/05/2013 at 03:59 AM | 101087