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A Very Gory Trailer For Brazilian Horror "Mar Negro" Translation- "Black Sea"

Brazilian master of horror Rodrigo Aragao brings us a new trailer for "Mar Negro" aka "Black Sea" This is his 3rd low budget splatterfest in 5 years. This is his however his largest production to date and it sure looks to bring the gore and fun as seen in his other films of the "eco-horror trilogy": "Mud Zombies" (2008) and "The Night of the Chupacabras" (2011). Aragão has really went all out this time as the trailer reveals some very outstanding makeup effects degned and provided by the mad genius of the director himself.


"A strange contamination strikes a fisherman's village. When fish and shellfish become evil creatures that transmit death and destruction, the lonely Albino risks his soul for the love of his life, in a desperate fight for survival.

Despite being criminally overlooked by Brazilian distributors, Aragão's films are big hits on the festival circuit. Mar Negro - which premiered at this year's Fantaspoa festival - will most certainly go the same route."


Source- Youtube
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