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The Original "Predator" Set For A 3-D Blu-ray Release!!

A Predator-related announcement at Comic-Con had rumors swirling about something special and the secret has now been revealed. Fox is working on a "Predator" 3D Blu-ray release and they have something big planned for those in attendance at the convention:

The teaser poster message read: "There's something out there waiting for us, and it ain't no man...

We're all gonna die. #HUNTthePREDATOR"

From Hero Complex:

“To mark the 3-D Blu-ray release of the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring “Predator,” Fox is dedicating a jungle-themed booth to the film and its iconic extra-terrestrial.

“Predator” fans will be able to purchase custom-degned mini-figurines featuring their likeness. Because what fan wouldn’t want to see his or her own decapitated head, spine still attached, being held up by a Predator?

The action figures will be created ung photographs of participants (taken at the booth) and 3-D printing. The figurines will be mailed to buyers after the convention. Click through the gallery above for a sneak peek.

We’re assuming that the new release will include all of the special features from the previous Blu-ray release. Here’s a list of the previously released bonus features:

“Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this action-packed adventure story of fighting men pitted against an unseen enemy, a force more powerful than their fiercest weapons. Recruited by the CIA to rescue hostages held by guerrilla fighters in a Central American country, Schwarzenegger and his men encounter an enemy unimaginably more deadly than any on Earth – because the Predator is not of this Earth. Packed with spectacular special effects and combat scenes of gut-wrenching power, Predator is the most terrifying Schwarzenegger movie yet!” Predator: Evolution of a Species – Hunters of Extreme Perfection Audio Commentary by Director John McTiernan Text Commentary by Film Historian Eric Lichtenfeld If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It: The Making of Predator Inde the Predator Featurettes Special Effects Featurettes Short Takes with the Filmmakers Deleted Scenes and Outtakes Photo Gallery and Predator Profile Sneak Peek at the new Predators

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