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"Hate Crime" Is On The Way To DVD - Cover Art, Trailer And Release Date!

"Hate Crime" is a terrifying tale of a Jewish family freshly moved into a new neighborhood. While enjoying a birthday party for their son's birthday, a viscous group of drug crazed maniacs invade their home and transform the happy birthday into a horrible nightmare. The release date for this very controveral film is October 15th.

Check out the full details, as well as the official trailer below.

From The Press Release:

"After a lot of controversy, James Cullen Bressack's home invaon film HATE CRIME is coming to DVD courtesy of UNEARTHED FILMS. The DVD is being released on OCTOBER 15th, the same day as Bressack's other film TO JENNIFER (being released by MVD). You can make it a very Bressack Halloween! Attached is the Cover artwork for HATE CRIME's DVD."

"HATE CRIME is a violent, realistic portrayal of one of our worst nightmares, being attacked in our home. The movie has been extremely well received by over 90+ reviewers, including some of the biggest reviewers in the horror film community. It has already won best picture and best director at multiple film festivals around the world and made many horror tes top 10 lists of 2012."


"A Jewish family, that just arrived in a new neighborhood, are recording their youngest son's birthday celebrations on video when their home is suddenly invaded by a bunch of crystal-meth-crazed Neo-Nazi lunatics."


Source- Youtube
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