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The Black Dahlia Haunting" Is Coming To Blu-ray/DVD Pre-Order Your Copy"Here!

Los Angeles, 1947 - a hopeful actress named Elizabeth Short is found brutally murdered in an empty lot in Los Angeles. The media gives her the name of "The Black Dahlia" due to her preference for dark clothing. Her murder remains unsolved to this day. Although, it's not without its suspects.

Los Angeles, now - a young woman, Holly, is viting Los Angeles from New York City and she is told of the brutal murder of her father and stepmother by her younger brother Tyler. Upon meeting Tyler's psychiatrist, Dr, Owen, Holly soon is aware that she is does not have all of the facts surrounding the murder. Haunted by violent dreams, Tyler has been drawing the face of a woman that he could have never posbly met, a woman that matches the description of Elizabeth Short.

As Dr. Owen continues to evaluate Tyler's condition, he learns that Tyler "speaks" to Elizabeth, and she had ordered him to murder his parents. Holly soon begins seeing Elizabeth herself, by way of Elizabeth's spirit paying her a vit, making it known to Holly that she can set her free from all of her burdens.

Consumed by the spirit of the Dahlia, Holly battles with a war with not only herself, but also the evil figures revealing themselves around her. Elizabeth tries to persuade them to "hurt the ones who hurt her"

"The Black Dahlia Haunting" Blu-ray/DVD is due out October 15, 2013.

Pre- order your copy HERE.

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