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Grindhouse To Release Peter Cushing's "Corruption" Blu-ray/DVD Art - Details!

In celebration of Peter Cushing’s 100th birthday this year, Grindhouse is releang his little-seen 1968 thriller "Corruption" to Blu-ray/DVD on October 8th. Take a peek at one of the verons of the cover art just below. The other veron contains nudity so if you wish to view that, click on the red source link at the bottom of the page.

"Grindhouse issues CORRUPTION as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack October 8, with specs and special features to be announced. Directed by Robert Hartford-Davis, the film (a.k.a. CARNAGE) is a variation on the EYES WITHOUT A FACE theme in which Cushing takes an atypical villainous role as r John Rowan, a surgeon whose model fiancée (Sue Lloyd) gets into a horrible accident that disfigures her. Desperate to restore her looks, Rowan murders a series of young women to claim their pituitary fluid. Grindhouse will give CORRUPTION a series of theatrical screenings as well, and is doing the same for AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL, GONE WITH THE POPE and others."

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