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"The Initiation" (1984) Is Coming To UK DVD - Details & Trailer!

For all of the slasher fans that are out there, word has just came in that Arrow Video will be releang Larry Stewart’s 1984 horror film "The Initiation" to UK DVD on August 5th. This movie is a clasc which involves a twisted sorority style vibe. With a tagline that says "The ceremony that will never die, as long as new blood is pledged"

provides enough reason to want to view this clasc flick. Check out the trailer below the details.

From the Press Release:

"Arrow Video is pleased to confirm that Larry Stewart’s coming-of-age slasher clasc “THE INITIATION” will be released on UK DVD on Monday August 5th, via their ArrowDrome imprint.

Like any blossoming all-American gal, Kelly Fairchild Daphne Zuniga is looking forward to her sorority initiation with a mixture of excitement and apprehenon. And she’s got every reason to be anxious condering the prank her Delta Ro Kai sorority sters have tasked her with – a late-night break-in of her father’s department store.

At first everything goes to plan, but once inde the labyrinthian mall, Kelly and her fellow pledges finds themselves locked in, and they’re not alone… Who is the stranger stalking Kelly and her randy teen friends through the department’s stores shadowy corridors? And how is this unseen assailant connected with Kelly’s terrible recurring nightmares of a man burning in agony….?

The special features on this ArrowDrome release include a reverble sleeve, the theatrical trailer, and a collector’s booklet with writing on the film by Calum Waddel."


Source- Youtube
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