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Scream Factory Releasing Clive Barker's "Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut" Plus More Titles!

Word is in that Scream Factory's panel at Comic-Con made some major release announcements. They closed a huge deal in receiving the rights to be handling the release for Clive Barker's "Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut". It is the extended cut veron which has been making it's way around film festival's and private screenings.

Scream Factory's official word is that they do not have a release date so far as it is "going to take some time" for them to restore the film for Blu-ray readiness.

Also announced on the Scream Factory Blu-ray release lineup for 2013/2014 so far include:

"Assault on Precinct 13"

Sam Raimis "Darkman"

"Saturn 3"

"Eve of Destruction"

And Paul Schraders "Cat People"

wabisabi333 Saturday 7/20/2013 at 04:02 AM | 101634
Scream Factory is just killing it! Im going happily broke.
Detective Cameron Saturday 7/20/2013 at 05:01 AM | 101636