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SyFy Turning "12 Monkeys" Into A Television Series

The 1995 film "12 Monkeys" is still brought up in many post-apocalyptic top ten lists. The apocalyptic plague spreading threat is back, but this time in the form of a televion show. SyFy has has locked onto this idea and are looking to run with it. Could this create a temporal paradox? Either way fans of the film will have something to look forward to in the near future. See below for all of the details.

"According to The Hollywood Reporter, Syfy is pushing forward on the TV adaptation of 12 Monkeys. Chuck Roven and Richard Suckle who produced the feature film will board the project for Syfy, which is said to const of eight to ten episodes.

At this time a pitch has been submitted which could serve as a 90-minute backdoor pilot that would eventually lead to a straight-to-series order much like Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica."

Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett are set to write the series which will see Jon Cassar direct.

Mark Stern, Syfy’s predent of original programming had this to say:

"We have a great pilot, we’re now flushing out what the rest of the series might be."

"The feature film starred Bruce Willis as James Cole, “a convicted criminal in a post-apocalyptic future where the Earth’s population is forced to live underground after a deadly virus. In a bid to earn a pardon, Cole will use an imperfect science of time travel to help collect information on the virus released by the Army of the Twelve Monkeys.”

Many of our favorite films are being adapted into televion series as of late. With the proper casting, writing, and direction "12 Monkeys" could be the next smash hit on TV.

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