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Rosemarie DeWitt Is Cast First In The Poltergeist Remake!

It has been quite a while nce we have heard any news about MGM’s remake of Tobe Hooper’s “Poltergeist.”

Before today we had the knowledge that production for this movie would begin in late summer and things are starting to heat up for the project as the first casting selection has been revealed.

"Rosemarie DeWitt has been picked up to play the female lead in the upcoming remake.

She will play the matriarch of the family, a role which was originally held by Jobeth Williams in the 1982 horror film about a family who move into a house beeged upon by angry spirits."" class="photoborder" />

"The film is being directed by Gil Kenan from a script written by David Lindsay-Abaire.

Sam Raimi is also attached to the film as a producer."

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