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First up,

A free online showing of Cyclical Effect will take place for 24 hours only on August 4th

Information will be given here only:


Right now there is a huge summer DVD sale going on on the entire catalog of Indie Horror films from Faux Pas Films. Go check 'em out and order your copies before August 4th when the sale is over. Plenty of titles to choose from. Some over 40% off!!! Get yours today! gned by the director (if requested) for free!

Hurry before time runs out! And spread the word!


Our film Ovulation with Lynn Lowry is getting DVD packaged and ready to be available very soon.

Go to for more info

and check out the trailer here: ... KKbgy36YBg And last but not least,

Just wanted to tell all horror fans about my upcoming film Incorporeal a wild mix of found footage and regular filmmaking so check out the facebook page for more info:
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