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Sister of the Wolf - Chicago Indie horror


Spook Show Entertainment prepares for production of our feature film "ster of the Wolf" and in doing so has launched an indiegogo campaign to close the gap in what we need to cover for the films budget.

The first wave of contributions helped us to create what will be the main location for the film.

In the studios we have built a prison set and our preparing it as we get ready to start shooting.

Thank you to all those who became a part of our family then and helped us build it.

Now that we have the set built, we still need to make the actual movie.

Spook Show Entertainment is seeking to bridge the gap of the remaining budget we need to cover costs such as special effects, insurance, food catering, equipment, and more. ster of the Wolf is about two blings, the innocent girl Sara (Clarisse Behr), and the older brother Wolf (Wolf McKinney) who has killed to protect her.

Now as he rots in prison, she is targeted by a new threat and Wolf is forced to find a way to protect her. In addition to Clarisse Behr (Lost Soul, I’m Still Alive) & Wolf Mckinney (Bacon, Jezebeth) this production features an amazing cast including Tom Lodewyck (Carl Panzram, Afraid of Sunrise), Michael Schmid (Headline News, Ovulation), Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th, Deathwoods), and North Roberts (Plastic, Bled White).

ster of the Wolf is scheduled to start shooting early August and is directed by Spook Show Entertainment Predent, Willy Adkins from a script written by Jason Sullivan.

Indiegogo Campaign:

Official Webte:

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Teaser Trailer:
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