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Incorporeal a horror / supernatural thriller

Hey horror fans, I give you an upcoming horror movie called Incorporeal starring Heather Dorff and Dylan Cinti!

Find out more about the film at

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we also have a kickstarter going for the film: ... l-thriller

This is the 8th major film project from Faux Pas Films and we would love to share it with you. We are only asking for a total sum of a mere $250 as the bare minimum to really help us get this film made the way we want.

Michael Wade Johnson and his indie film company Faux Pas Films is set to begin production this October on a new supernatural thriller called “Incorporeal”. Michael, who’s previous efforts include “Ovulation” and “Cyclical Effect”, is taking a different approach in the making of this new feature. Mixing a blend of cinéma vérité with the tenon of films such as The Shining, Incorporeal is a tale about an overzealous movie director and his unappreciative leading actress that go on a location scouting mison. What they find will change their lives forever.

Cast includes Heather Dorff (Truth or Dare, Breaking Fate), Dylan Cinti – (Meshes of Dusk, Finding Johnny), Mardell Elmer ( Seven Deadly Words, Jackson’s Run), Willy Adkins (Ovulation, Bacon – the Movie), and Lillian Lamour (The Dirty Sanchez, Bane Rises). Filming will take place in and around the Chicago, IL area.

The kickstarter is now launched and goes through all of September up until October 5, 2013.

So please help out the micro-budget, independent film community and donate whatever you can, be it $1, or $20 or $200. Or you can help us out greatly just by word of mouth, liking a post about it, sharing it on your page. Sharing is vital to getting the word out there. Please feel free to ask me any questions that you might have and thanks for supporting Faux Pas Films." class="photoborder" />
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