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Name this creepy character!

Have you ever wanted to name a creepy ominous character in a horror movie? Well, now is your chance! With the kickstarter for our new film, "Incorporeal", there are some wonderful perks including "Name that Harbinger", you get to name the character in the movie, the name will be spoken onscreen and be in the credits. Plus you get tons of extra perks as well. There are also DVDS to get, as well as Producer credit to claim. 21 more days and only $70 to go! Help out and grab some cool rewards!! ... l-thriller

And here is a bonus t! The next person to donate $50 or more will receive all the perks in their awards bracket, but also receive 2 DVDs from Faux Pas Films! You can get "Ovulation" and "Cyclical Effect" (or any F.P.F. DVD title of your choice) for free just by donating $50 or more. Come on, and help out micro-budget indie film!!" class="photoborder" />
FauxPasFilms Saturday 9/14/2013 at 07:35 PM | 102256