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A Must See For Any Chucky Fan - Awesome Behind The Scenes Making Of Doll Video!

It is a fun thing to think back to when the original "Childs Play" first came out. Those were good days, but so are these. "Curse of Chucky" is almost here and with that we bring you a look into the past. This behind the scenes look at MGM’s 1988 "Child’s Play" talks with everyone from Tom Savini, to

Don Mancini, about the movie that gave birth to an amazing franchise. In this incredible behind the scenes 10 minute long video they speak about the creation of Chucky, and show how the doll was made and tested. I am sure a lot of you may have already seen this video, but just in case some of you missed it. Enjoy!

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Source- Youtube
wabisabi333 Thursday 9/19/2013 at 07:42 AM | 102280