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The Crazy Red Band Trailer Is Here For J.T. Petty's "Hellbenders"

Get ready for this wild Red Band Trailer for J.T. Petty's "Hellbenders". Lionsgate had acquired the rights to the film last year sometime and they are readying up to release this unique and creative looking movie on demand and also in theaters on October 18th. The story really is something fresh. "Hellbenders" should be fun O plenty indeed. Check out the insane Red Band trailer below.

“Pray that you’ll never need the profesonal services of the Hellbound Saints of Brooklyn Parish. Resembling members of a raucous fraternity rather than the Catholic Church, this ragtag group of priests lives in a constant state of debauchery: smoking, drinking and philandering as if in a contest to top each other’s efforts in breaking the seven deadly ns as flamboyantly as posble. Fronted by Angus (Clancy Brown of Highlander and The Burrowers), their dysfunctional leader, they are the Church’s last best hope. When a regular exorcism just won’t do the trick, they’re called in to trap a demon and drag it down to hell with them.

However, in order to be ready for fire and brimstone, the men — and woman — of this stained cloth (including cast members Clifton Collins Jr., Dan Fogler, Macon Blair and Robyn Rikoon) must maintain a rigorous regimen of doing very, very bad things. Their primmest member (Andre Royo, beloved as Bubbles from The Wire) tracks their misconducts in a logbook to prove they’re round-the-clock “damnation-ready.” But when a tough case tests the team’s mettle and a new Church bureaucrat threatens to shut them down, they must n and n again in a mad race to save the world and halt a demon’s plans to wipe out humanity.”

Remember is to become very soon


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