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This last weekend, one of the biggest horror movie sequels arrived. INDIOUS Chapter 2 blew up at the box-office, making nearly as much as the first INDIOUS made in its entire run in the US. Opening only a few million under this summers box-office hit The Conjuring, its obvious that James Wan has become a new master of horror.

First thing first, I want to get the comparison to The Conjuring out of the way. Its no secret that shoving The Conjuring’s name in front of INDIOUS Chapter 2 helped it out tremendously. After coming off one of the most well received horror films in recent years, INDIOUS Chapter 2 had a lot working in its favor. For starters, I didn’t find Chapter 2 to be on The Conjuring’s level in ANY way. It wasn’t nearly as scary, or well crafted. That being said, it was still a magical horror film.

The best thing, for me, is when horror sequels are more of a continuation. (Halloween-Halloween 2 anybody??) Things seem to run better when writers/directors take this route. INDIOUS Chapter 2, whose name alone is better than just adding a 2 to the end of it, is no exception. Starting off with an interesting back story, and taking us right to the end of its predecessor, I knew INDIOUS Chapter 2 was going to do great things.

No time has passed nce the first film, and that was one of the best things. We get to follow the characters we grew to care about in the first film, without having them change drastically. Leigh and James keep the same atmosphere, and style throughout the entire film. No one can argue with the fact that INDIOUS has a great atmosphere. Its no longer a movie, but a world that the audience is obviously interested in traveling to.

From beginning to end, Chapter 2 will keep you interested. While it is no where near the new and fresh taste that INDIOUS and The Conjuring were, its still a very good horror film. Unlike most sequels, Chapter 2 wasn’t a rehash of the original film. It added to the story, instead of stealing from it. Nothing, to me, felt stale. Don’t go in expecting a full on haunted house movie, because that isn’t what you are going to get. For one, Chapter 2 is more story driven than the first. It gives us a little bit of the past, and builds on some of the legend that INDIOUS had began. We get to dive deeper into the Lambert family, and I cant say I didn’t enjoy every minute.

The scares arent nearly as haunting as the original INDIOUS or The Conjuring. I didn’t leave with any of them buried deep into my fears, like the other films accomplished. There were a few jump scares that got me, but none of the film’s “creepy” moments sent chills down my spine. Overall, the few scares that it did have, worked well. Don’t expect the shocking experience that INDIOUS gave.

Chapter 2 is a very good movie, even by horror sequel standards. Some things, I could have done without. Especially Tucker and Dale (I know those arent their names). The comedy wasn’t needed, like in the first. I understand their purpose, but they could have toned it way down in this film. Some of the dialogue in the film gets a little laughable as well. However, these things can be over looked. I can say that, while Leigh makes a great story, someone could have came in and cleaned it up a bit and the effect would have been greater.

Overall, I recommend INDIOUS Chapter 2 to all horror fans, especially those that enjoyed the first one. While it is nowhere near as scary as the original, it gives a deeper look into the overall story in a different way than the first. I will say it is one of the best sequels ive ever seen. 9 out of 10 for me.

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