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Yet Another Death Of Fangoria!

This topic is a little different than what you are used to but we feel compelled to address it in some capacity. If you are a horror movie fan even in the slightest bit of the sense, you know of the name Fangoria. The magazine has become part of pop culture but as of late it seems that things are quickly going downhill for them. They have been dropping the ball for many years now, and as of right now their te archives are down. This is only the latest of a string of deaths that they have endured over the recent years. Their te is currently up, but for how long this time? Fans have obviously grown increangly tired of their crap, and the Fangoria conventions have withered into obscurity. Being a life long fan of horror it seems to look like the gang that started it all is falling apart. The final nail in their coffin cannot be too far off!

Thank Satan for! The Far Better, not to mention Far Cheaper source for all things HORROR!" Why would anyone want to go anywhere else?"

Fangoria burst onto the scene in 1979 with Fangoria magazine focused on a genre that, although popular at the box office, was often overlooked by mainstream audiences. Fangoria catered to us hardcore horror fans that wanted to know what went on behind the scenes and because the horror genre is so FX laden, Fango was able to take us onto the set and show us exactly how the monsters were created and precisely how many buckets of blood were used for one ngle shot.

At a point in history we hit what can only be described as the internet nuclear exploon. Things changed. People changed. Information became available at our finger tips. Print media slowly started to feel the barrage of brand new after brand new web start up. Anyone with any computer knowledge at all could start a webte and before you knew it millions and millions of news tes were popping up providing information to the masses like never before. The local newspaper was no longer your sole source of what was going on in the world. Sports could be followed by the minute, not by the day. Movie and televion shows had dedicated message boards and chat areas to discuss the things you loved and hated. The Yellowpages, something we all grew up with has all but become obsolete. So goes away many printed magazines, newspapers and newsletters.

Yes, this is the digital age and when Fangoria took to the internet a few years ago it was no surprise. They had a successful print medium but they needed to stay in touch with the fans that demand up to the minute information. They went live and thus was born. Through many face lifts and changes, just never felt like it could find its niche. After all, it revolutionized itself in print which is like capturing lighting in a bottle. The online model was something that was new to them and something foreign to a crew that was use to deadlines and editorials not up to date news and daily reviews. went offline at one point and just vanished. A logo was all that remained. No explanation, no warning at all. It was as if a there was a fully functional office full of people one day and an empty room the next.

Rumors of a domain change are also prevalent although again we all would expect some sort of message, something informing the readers to at least check back. Another rumor, is that the company had at one point filed for bankruptcy.

Then, one day out of the blue they just began not having any new Fangoria Weekend of Horrors conventions. In another, more odd instance is a freelance blog te had spurred off into existence called Fangoria News, yet it seemed to have no real affiliation with Fangoria itself except a few former forum moderators behind the helm. With all these ominous gns piling up it would appear something is clearly wrong. How wrong and to what level?

Fangoria isn’t the same as it use to be, that can safely be said. But everything changes that is a fact. Good or bad, things will always continue to change. is changing to very soon with a vengengce, and we vow that this particular change will delight you beyond your collective horror imaginations.

So Is Fangoria dead? With all the crazy speculation and rumors running around this was a topic that that we wanted to bring up and that clearly something isn't quite right.Could the end be coming for Fangoria? Dont Forget! Spread The Word! soon Xenomorphs into HorrorDomain.comSource-
wabisabi333 Saturday 9/21/2013 at 05:32 AM | 102301
I remember asking Fango to use one of their 1979 mags in "Gun Town 2" back when we planned on filming it. They wanted to read the script and see if it was good enough and determine what to charge....for a mere 3 seconds of it being shown.
aceofspades70 Friday 9/27/2013 at 02:55 AM | 102334