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Vengeance Is Darker Than Death In This Nightmare Of A Trailer For "Evangeline"

Imagine reinventing yourself at college. Forgetting your old self and moving on with a new beginning. Then just as all is becoming comfortable, from out of nowhere horrible things start taking place and before you know it, all Hell has broken loose. In the trailer for "Evangeline" (see below) it really takes on a new angle within a horror tale which is nice to see. This movie has a great shot at making a name for itself. You be the judge. Synops:

"Evangeline Pullman (Kat de Lieva) has just escaped from her sheltered upbringing to reinvent herself in college. As she begins to break out of her shell, she attracts the attention of a violent fraternity leader (Richard Harmon) and his two cohorts. Beaten and dumped in the woods to die, Evangeline finds herself trapped in a supernatural nightmare, where she must choose between vengeance and redemption."

"Evangeline" stars Kat de Lieva, Richard Harmon, David Lewis, Mayumi Toshida, and Kelvin Redvers. film is set to have its premiere at this year's Monsters of Film Festival in Stokholm, Sweden, beginning this September 26th.Dont Forget! Spread The Word! soon Xenomorphs into HorrorDomain.comSource-

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