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Big Update On MTV'S SCREAM TV Series!

The other day we got the news that Harvey Weinstein is pulling for his brother to do one last SCREAM film, thus giving an end to the franchise, putting it to rest forever. What would that mean for the upcoming MTV SCREAM televion series?

Weinstein spoke out at the Zurich Film Festival giving great inght into just where the tone of the series is headed. He indicated that there is no overlap between the series and movie franchise, going on to say that the series “is supposed to represent a new beginning and also pursue a supernatural direction.”

MTV’s main audience consts of shows like TEEN WOLF so we kind of know what type of material the network dishes out. The notion of putting a supernatural twist on Ghostface could work out nicely, or it could not. One thing that seems apparent, MTV more than likely will not take this in the direction that the hardcore horror fans will want to see. Although you never know. Any thoughts?

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wabisabi333 Thursday 10/03/2013 at 05:52 PM | 102365