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A Found Footage FRIDAY THE 13TH Movie?

Many Horror fans have a major problem with the found footage style being overused at this point in life, while diehard fans inst that the genre is not a bad thing and conder it to be refreshing.Warner Brothers has recently acquired the rights to the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise from Universal. That means that Warner Brothers has a limited amount of time to utilize the their rights before they will be going back to Universal.

So this bacally means that a new FRIDAY THE 13TH film should pop out within the next few years. The producers from Platinum Dunes, Michael Bay‘s production company who are responble for the 2009 reboot, are currently seeking screenwriters that can bring that special something to the table adapting the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise into the found footage style.

Most of us enjoy watching Jason Voorhees do his thing like only he can, however a found footage FRIDAY THE 13TH could be a very difficult task to pull off. There are still fans that want a new film, however many are skeptical about this new way and feel that the franchise has done it all and that it should just come to an end. These days, there are many sequels, prequels, and reboots that are getting a lot of heat from the fans.

Giving the franchise a found footage style could be a bad idea. Then again, John Travolta did make a comeback with PULP FICTION. Never say never.Found footage movies are much cheaper to produce and at the same time making millions of dollars after it is all said and done. For example, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY was made with only $15,000 and scored over $193 million at the box-office, spring boarding sequels, an upcoming spin off film as well as a fifth installment coming coming out in 2014.

Ever nce THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT hit the scene, there have been many who have tried to capitalize on this found footage popular concept. Some have been very successful, while others have not. All we can do at this point is wait it out.What do you all think about the idea of a posble FRIDAY THE 13TH found footage film?Dont Forget!

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