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Only God Could Save "The Afflicted"

Let me start off by saying, there are very few horror movies that actually leave my breathless and in tears, but The Afflicted did just that. Based on a true story, an insane mother of four children, punishes her four children, justifying their punishments as being what God wanted to be done.

The abuses the children face are truly cruel, from their own mother prostituting out her own daughters for money to shoot one of the children. It is a very strong movie, with a breath taking performance from the mother, Leslie Easterbrook. I am personally in awe at this film.

However, the film does have a shaky start, I believe, with the over used stock muc being played in the opening scene. But do not let the shaky start of the movie, detour you from watching this movie. This film can be found on Netflix, and I highly recommend it.
BloodyAdored Friday 10/04/2013 at 06:46 AM | 102367