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See The Amazing Fan Made HALLOWEEN H30 & The New Sequel H35 Here!

It is Officially Halloween, and we have a very special treat for you all. Five years ago the short fan film HALLOWEEN H30 was made. It had a solid story as well as great production which gave it that special quality where you could easily find yourself in Haddonfield. Now five years later, the fresh and new sequel H35 is here! Both short films in one awesome video on this sacred day! The Curse of Thorn is among us.

HALLOWEEN H30 (2008)

"Halloween H30" is a FAN sequel to HALLOWEEN: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS. It was written and filmed in response to a film contest that was planned for the 30th Anniversary HALLOWEEN Convention celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first Halloween film. Although the planners of the convention canceled the contest, the film was still completed and submitted to other qualifying film festivals. "H30" was shown at the October 2009 Film Slam held each month at the Enzian Theater in Maitland, Florida. A release party was held for cast, crew, and their families as well."

HALLOWEEN H35 (2013) Beginning at 28:00

"5 years ago, Morgan Films Entertainment did a short sequel to Halloween 6 and H20 titled "HALLOWEEN H30." it has been 5 years and they're ALL BACK! Halloween H35 is a sequel to the previous film, Halloween H30. Halloween H35, or H35. It was filmed in Spring of 2013 in the Orlando, FL area. The goal of this film was to tell the continuing story of Michael Myers and his victims from Halloween H30."


Source- Youtube
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