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George A. Romero Gives His Personal Opinion On AMC's THE WALKING DEAD

What else can be said about AMC's THE WALKING DEAD that has not already been said? It is one of the top shows on television today and has a good thing going on. So many people tune in to see what will happen next as their favorite characters try their best to survive in a world full of "walkers." You either dig the show or you do not. With that being said, have you ever wondered what the man that started the zombie craze, George A. Romero, thinks about THE WALKING DEAD? We are now into the fourth season, and it seems that this is the first word available on Romero's opinion of the show.

Romero spoke with saying:

“They asked me to do a couple of episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’ but I didn’t want to be a part of it. Basically it’s just a soap opera with a zombie occasionally. I always used the zombie as a character for satire or a political criticism and I find that missing in what’s happening now.”

Continuing on Romero spoke on other zombie films:

“I guess Zack Snyder started that with the remake of Dawn of the Dead – fast-moving zombies, but the zombies in World War Z, my God, they’re like army ants! But in all the adverts here they never called it a zombie film.”

Romero goes on to talk about how he never called his "Dead" characters zombies.

“No, never did. I never thought they were zombies,” he explained. “To me back then, zombies were those voodoo guys who were given some sort of blowfish cocktail and became slaves. They weren’t dead so I thought I was doing a brand new thing by raising the dead. Not that the dead haven’t been risen before… It goes back to Jesus, doesn’t it?”

The idea of Romero coming in to do an episode of THE WALKING DEAD would be interesting, regardless if it were good or bad. Even though he has clearly stated that he is not interested, if he were, do you think that it would even work?


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