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See The Very Eerie Trailer For A VENGEFUL HEART Here!

The first official trailer for A VENGEFUL HEART (also known as A BLOODY HEART) is available to view below along with English subtitles. It demonstrates the return of Vietnamese American film director Victor Vu to his favorite genre. Christopher Wong brings that eerie vibe with original sound effects as well as music which seem to instill fear into anyone that dare and take the ride. What this trailer does is provide the viewers with a very deep look into the movie and not only that but the characters as well. Enjoy!


"A VENGEFUL HEART tells the story of a bridegroom who escorts his new wife to Da Lat resort after heart transplant surgery. But the new heart in her chest is cursed, causing the ghost of a strange young girl to appear, which leads the couple into a frightening nightmare."

A VENGEFUL HEART originally was set to be available sooner but has now been pushed back until February 2014.


Source- Youtube
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