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What Is The Deal With Bill Murray & GHOSTBUSTERS 3? Update Here!

For the past year now we have been hearing about how Dan Akroyd has been trying his best to get Bill Murray on board to reprise his role as Dr. Peter Venkman and has not had a lot of success in doing so. There has been many updates and rumors dealing with whether or not Bill Murray would be suiting up for GHOSTBUSTERS 3. The latest few updates have seemed very clear about Bill Murray not wanting to make a return. If this in fact is true, many are wondering the simple question of "Why?" A little light has been shed on the situation by another party that has spoken up. Who you gonna call? Ivan Reitman.

Reitman recently spoke out in an interview about why he believes Bill isn't coming back for a third GHOSTBUSTERS film:

"Bill Murray has never actually read anything. He may have read ten pages at some point, but he’s never read a script. But he’s never been interested, either. That part is true. It wasn’t Ghostbusters in particular, it’s just, he’s been carrying on his life in a different way, in terms of the kind of parts that he’s wanted to pursue.

I mean, he’s a really brilliant actor, comedian, personality. I’ve worked with him now five times, and I would love to work with him again. I’d hope that he could be in this film. He could be, he might not be, I really don’t know."

This all really does make a lot of since. It is exciting to think that there will most likely be a GHOSTBUSTERS 3 but at the same time having the old gang minus Bill Murray would be a bummer. You never know what can happen. If any new updates are to surface we will bring you the latest on this. We wish the film good luck and all of the best.


Source- Slashfilm
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