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Video: Bruce Campbell Drops A Bomb Pertaining To ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 - EVIL DEAD 2 News

Back in the month of March Rob Tapert, who is the producer of the EVIL DEAD movies teased the idea about ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 as he was asked about the possibility of another film within the world of Sam Raimi. Tapert said if there was ever to be another movie, that it would not be EVIL DEAD 4 next in line, but instead ARMY OF DARKNESS 2. This was huge news as it began a chain reaction of rumors and speculation as to what this all could mean, and opened up the door for the chance to maybe get to see Bruce Campbell play the iconic character of Ash once again.

Some time passed and at WonderCon, Fede Alvarez, who directed the EVIL DEAD remake, along with Bruce Campbell hinted at the idea of sequels, ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 as well as a film which would intertwine the two stories.

At the Eyegore awards Alverez said that Sam Raimi was going to do ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 before a new EVIL DEAD film. All of the time while saying this, Bruce Campbell was right by his side. Campbell went on to tell Wizard World Nashville that he was in fact doing the film.

Campbell told a Seattle radio station just last week "the thing that would drive me to do it again would be working with Sam." and that the EVIL DEAD remake got “Rob, Sam and I working together again.” Bruce then told a different Seattle radio station that he was joking when he made confirmation of the movie in Nashville, but did go on to indicate that Sam Raimi is writing the script along with his brother Ivan.

Now, a video has surfaced (see below) that is very shocking indeed. After Campbell has been been quoted saying that ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 is going to happen several times, he now is saying that is all b.s.


"It's all Internet b.s. - there's no reality whatsoever. These random comments slip out of my mouth or Sam Raimi's mouth, next thing you know, we're making a sequel."

Bruce continues on talking about how the spread of misinformation on the Internet has made it into something that it is not, and even goes on to talk about how he feels bad for the fans that are still holding onto hope. All of this coming after he was quoted many times saying otherwise at different locations.

Let's be real here, something is not adding up. You have the producer of the EVIL DEAD films first making the headlines about ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 happening. Then after there was plenty of time for the idea to be shot down we get the news of Fede Alvarez along with Campbell himself furthering the ideas of an ARMY OF DARKNESS 2 movie. Now, the video footage below which has Campbell dismissing the ideas as bs is total conflict to everything. Although he does go on to say something that would elude to nothing is official until it is official. Bruce also states that if he is to ever play the Ash character again that he would only do so if Sam Raimi were directing.

So maybe he is simply trying to downplay the possible sequel, urging fans to not jump the gun until said picture is actually being filmed or in production? He has to be aware of the franchise owning a huge fan base, so it would seem that with all of the arrows that have pointed to a sequel happening, there has to be some truth to his previous quotes.

Also in the video Campbell touches on Fede Alvarez and the EVIL DEAD 2 situation, saying that Alvarez has moved on to another film. This is coming just after Alvarez himself said on Twitter last week that he is still on board for EVIL DEAD 2. Only time will tell.


Source- Youtube
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