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Download The New Free Game FRIDAY THE 13TH: BLOOD AND WATER Here! Trailer Included

A lot of you will remember that feeling of the first time that you played 1989's NES version of FRIDAY THE 13TH. It was such a thrill for that day and time. It had such a great concept and sparked the question, when and where would Jason appear? Now, creator JC Powell brings us a new game in FRIDAY THE 13TH: BLOOD AND WATER which is available for free download. The trailer as well as the download link for the game await you below.

You're trapped at Camp Crystal Lake and your only chance for survival is finding items that help unlock entrances into rooms and buildings that will aid you in avoiding infamous killer Jason Voorhees. The closer he gets to you the more fear grows inside of you. Can you survive the night at "Camp Blood" and escape Jason? You will soon find out!

We are urged to turn the lights down and have the audio up to get the proper effect of the game.

You can download the game at



Source- Youtube
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