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News Hits The Scene On The Possibility For A 3rd JEEPERS CREEPERS Film!

For around a decade now Victor Salva has been trying his best to make a second sequel for the JEEPERS CREEPERS franchise. Fans of the films feel that it is a major bummer that it has been so long since the first film hit the scene and it was able to see great success in both theaters and on the home video releases. Plus the second film raked in $63 million across the globe with only a budget of $17 million. So it comes as no surprise that fans would be begging for more. There have been several times when the production on third film was to supposedly begin, plus multiple rumors and much talk of the movie although nothing was ever solid. New light has been shed on the subject at hand as it appears that the ideas could be moving forward on the third flick of the franchise which could be titled JEEPERS CREEPERS III: CATHEDRAL.

Salva was reported to have filmed a scene during the month of October in preparation for the beginning stages and a script has already been penned. There is currently no word on dates, casting, the plot, or production details.

Victor Salva had this to say:

"There may finally be some very good news for those waiting for the third Jeepers film to go before the cameras."

It is being said that JEEPERS CREEPERS III is very near the start of filming, and that the men who portrayed the Creeper in the other two movies, Jonathan Breck and Ray Wise, are supposedly along for the ride.

Whenever anymore news pertaining to this story comes along we will keep you informed.

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