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No Escape - Fight Or Die - May The Best Woman Win - See The Trailer For RAZE!

IFC Midnight has debuted a bloody and violent new theatrical trailer for the action/Horror film RAZE, starring Zoe Bell and Rachel Nichols. The trailer below, which shows cameos by Doug Jones and Bruce Thomas, makes it look like it could be a pretty good film, but man is it going to be brutally violent, that is for sure. This may not sound like something you'd want to see, but it looks very bad ass. Very brutal and edited really well. Plus the story has an really interesting concept which is gripping right from the start. May the best woman win.

RAZE, an action/horror film, focuses on two abducted women and 50 other women who are forced to fight each other using their bare hands. The film is directed by Josh C. Waller (of the film McCanick and a number of shorts previously), from a screenplay written by Robert Beaucage, and a story by Beaucage, Kenny Gage & Josh C. Waller. Actress/stunt-woman Zoe Bell is a producer, along with Kenny Gage, Andrew Pagana and Josh C. Waller. Zoe Bell explained previously about the film: "It's about 50 women that are kidnapped and held captive and forced to fight to the death. They all have a loved one that’s being held ransom so if we don't fight, our loved one dies. If we lose, our loved one dies, so basically literally forced to fight to the death."

The film stars Zoe Bell, Rachel Nichols, Tracie Thoms, Doug Jones, and Sherilyn Fenn.


"Stuntwoman-turned-action-star Zoe Bell (Death Proof) headlines this sly subversion of the women-in-prison genre. When Sabrina is mysteriously abducted, she finds herself in an underground lair, forced to do battle with other innocents for the amusement of unseen spectators. Each of these reluctant warriors has something to lose, but only one will remain when the game is done. Violent and relentless, Raze takes its video game aesthetic to the deepest and darkest places, rarely surfacing for air."

RAZE will be in limited theaters and VOD January 10th.

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