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Huge News! There Is Finally Word On The Next FRIDAY THE 13TH Film! Release Date!

Back in 2009 the classic film FRIDAY THE 13TH was remade obtaining mega success under the direction of Marcus Nispel earning $90 million across the globe. Since then, Paramount has been able to acquire all of the rights to the FRIDAY THE 13th film franchise. This has opened the flood gates to all kinds of assumptions for a sequel. There have been many rumors of possibly going in the found footage direction and even speculation of the new Friday film taking place in the freezing cold snow of winter.

Since then we all have been waiting patiently to hear anything for if and when the next movie news would surface. Finally there is some fresh word! Although there are not any specifics in regards to the production of the flick as of yet, Paramount has officially set the date of release. It is clever in it's calculation as the new FRIDAY THE 13th is set to be released on Friday March 13th, 2015. As of right now the film is in the lineup using the title of FRIDAY THE 13TH. Who knows if that title will stick. It is also rumored that Platinum Dunes could be coming back to produce. We will keep you up to date for any further news.

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