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Video: Peek Into The Aftermath Of What Awaits In THE WALKING DEAD! Spinoff/Season 5 News

We witnessed the mid-season finale in what was a very powerful episode of THE WALKING DEAD. When the series returns with the second half of season 4 we will be seeing the storyline taking new twists and turns versus what we have been getting for quite a while now. There is a lot of wonder as to how everything will come to be as the series moves ahead after the latest episode.

For those of you out there who have not seen it yet, we have the very special preview video which gives us glimpses into the future of what is to come in the upcoming episodes.

AMC has marked February 9th as the return date.

Also, in case you haven't heard, THE WALKING DEAD Season 5 has received the thumbs up from AMC. Filming for that should probably begin sometime this upcoming Spring. Also a spinoff series is in the works and is seeing the infant stages of planning with the expectation of it airing sometime in 2015.

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