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DVD Bound - The Horror Anthology SANITARIUM - Malcolm McDowell/Robert England - Trailer!

Insanity, it's a disease that spreads through the mind generating twisted and deranged thoughts inside the human brain. At the SANITARIUM they can only try to treat or perhaps in some way comfort those poor demented souls. Wandering helplessly within the warped and misshapen realms of their inner worlds.

Three patients, three stories, a psychological trilogy. Where insanity becomes reality that blinds us from the truth. Sanitarium is a forthcoming Horror anthology style film with a cast comprised of Malcolm McDowell, Lou Diamond Phillips, John Glover, Lacey Chabert and Robert Englund. The movie played at many festivals in the early part of the year and it will heading to DVD and digital release by the end of this month. Check out the red band trailer below and more info.

Bryan Ortiz, Bryan Ramirez and Kerry Valderrama are SANITARIUM's directors.


"Abandon everything you’ve ever believed about that brittle concept we call “reality” and prepare to enter a macabre netherworld of shadows, fiends and phantoms – a twisted realm of waking nightmares and warped minds, locked away in unrelenting torment. Welcome to the Sanitarium. Behind the walls of the Sanitarium, Dr. Stenson holds dominion over the inmates of a most unusual asylum. Horror Legend Robert Englund (Freddy vs. Jason, A Nightmare on Elm Street) also stars with John Glover (“Smallville”), Lacey Chabert (Mean Girls) and Lou Diamond Phillips in three chilling tales of unspeakable terror that will drive you over the edge of reason – and beyond!"

Image Entertainment is bringing the film to DVD December 31st.
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