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2 New Teaser Videos Have Arrived For Season 2 Of BATES MOTEL!

Season 2 of BATES MOTEL is quickly approaching. Last season the show barged right into our homes making a grand stance, thus latching onto history furthering the legacy of the world that is PSYCHO. In preparation for the launch of the second season, A&E turns up the tease with two fresh new videos (See below). One focusing on Norman and the other one features Norma. Back in the summer time is when the episodes began being created.

Additions to the cast include: Paloma Kwiatkowski, Norman's new love interest, Michael Vartan, Norma's new love interest, Michael Eklund, who will be a major player in the drug world, Rebecca Creskoff, will be be portraying a Norma's new friend, and Kenny Johnson as Norma's brother.

BATES MOTEL Season 2 will be made up of ten episodes. A date for the premiere has not been released yet but the show should begin airing in the early part of 2014.
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