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An Apocalyptic Web TV Series Is Coming Called AFTER HELL - Details Within

Coming in 2014, from the makers of PARADISE ISLAND, is a new webtv series called AFTER HELL, created by Alexander Holzl and Oliver Sadie. Science Fiction will be meeting apocalyptic horror. Fast paced action, wound up to a high pitch and a narrative style that throws the audience right into the action with wicked parallel story lines.

"The world after the apocalypse. The streets are empty and desolate. It's a journey of a man and a woman in a city called "God's End", always on the run, seeking for other survivors, the reason for the destruction and a cure. It soon becomes clear that the procurement of food is the least of their problems. Living dead, which are controlled by an invisible force, apparently seeking to kill them."

The series stars Dirk Benedict, Richard Hatch, Alexander Holzl and Cathy Zimmermann.

Look for AFTER HELL sometime in 2014.

Head over and like the official facebook page so that you will know just when it is coming by visiting the following link -
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