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STRANGER IN THE DUNES Drops A New Teaser Trailer!

For those of you that have seen Vincenzo Natali's 2009 film SPLICE, you should have no problem remembering the devilishly evil winged creature called Dren, which was portrayed by Delphine Chaneac. Fast forward up to now and she is returning to the world of Horror starring in an independent thrill ride called STRANGER IN THE DUNES. We have the new teaser trailer for you below and although it is only half of a minute, it provides some insight into the flick.

Quick Synopsis:

"An old friend visits a troubled married couple at their beach house."

STRANGER IN THE DUNES was Written and directed by Nicholas Bushman. The film stars Delphine Chaneac, Andrew Hovelson, and Mike Dwyer.

STRANGER IN THE DUNES is expected out sometime this year.
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