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Watch All 3 Parts To Elm Street Prequel KRUEGER Right Here!

There are a lot of fans out there that are curious as to what all went on in Freddy Krueger's life before he was burned alive. One such fan, Chris Notarile, has taken this wonder and from 2011-2013 has created a three part short film series based on this idea titled KRUEGER. Notarile wanted to show that Freddy was a truly disgusting human being, well deserving of the fate that awaited him in the end. Roberto Lombardi, who portrays Freddy, really does the part justice bringing the sinister edge to the character that is required of the Springwood Slasher. For a fan made film series KRUEGER is very well done. Below you will find all three videos in the series.


"In Springwood, long before he became a demon of dreams, Freddy Krueger stalked the streets under another name - The Springwood Slasher."

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