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AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CIRCUS Rumors - Teaser Video & Posters - Could It Be True?

There has been a lot of online speculation about what the theme for AMERICAN HORROR STORY season 4 will be, with a great buzz surrounding it possibly being set within a circus atmosphere.

Posters for AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CIRCUS have surfaced online posing the question, are these real or not? One of the posters depicts a girl with multiple legs (above) and another poster shows a girl with a tail peeking through red and black drapes (below). One would think right off of the bat that these were made by a fan. If so, that fan has really created quite the talk as cyberspace is blowing up with people digging the idea, many having responded on Twitter.

A possible "teaser trailer" for AMERICAN HORROR STORY: CIRCUS (see down below) has even popped up and it features a creepy clown with mechanical movement while some eerie carousel tunes fill the air. It may be a coincidence but the trailer and the posters both have appeared within the same week.

It had previously been reported on Enstarz that the 4th season of AHS could be revolving around a carnival or circus. Hints have been dropped to fuel the idea, such as Fiona, (Jessica Lange) stating that "life is a carnival" as well as AHS co-creator Ryan Murphy saying that filming could take place in Sante Fe, where the idea of an old West type of carnival drums up in the imagination.

The actress who portrayed Pepper in AHS: ASYLUM (Naomi Grossman) had mentioned that her character was based around a real performer from the sideshow which went by the name of Schlitze and starred in the classic film FREAKS which was a circus performer driven movie. Grossman also stated that FREAKS is a flick that Ryan Murphy really loves. With him being one of the shows creators this adds more to the speculation.

Check out the "teaser video" below.

If there is any new word on this story to iron out the rumors we will bring it to you.

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