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See The Rare Retro Documentary ELM STREET: THE MAKING OF A NIGHTMARE Here!

The year 1988 saw the VHS release of ELM STREET: THE MAKING OF A NIGHTMARE, which really gives us a great behind the scenes look at the making of the fourth Elm Street film THE DREAM MASTER. This retro footage is incredible as well as very rare as it does not appear on any other Elm Street documentary type releases such as NEVER SLEEP AGAIN.

This video is a gem no doubt about it giving us an amazing look at the practical effects from the fourth film among many other things. Youtube pulls through in a big way with offering us a chance to view this documentary which will bring a lot of joy to Elm Street fans.

Description from the original VHS Cassette:

"This exciting & thrilling program of events traces the history of the four "Nightmare On Elm Street" films, together with interviews of Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, and behind the scenes footage never before screened. Witness the fabulous stunts, the gruesome special effects and the mysteries of the slashers saga, created to produce the most frightening and inherently terrifying nightmare of all time ... How "The Nightmare" began."

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