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One of Horror's busiest soldiers today would have to be Jason Blum. He has become a well known name within the genre, keeping busy with all of the work that he does through Blumhouse Productions. Movies such as SINISTER, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, and INSIDIOUS all having his name attached. All three of the mentioned Horror titles above have the wonder surrounding them pertaining to sequels. While doing the press rounds for the new upcoming supernatural thriller OCULUS, Blum spoke to AITH a little bit about what the future holds for some of the flicks that he is involved with.

With SINISTER 2 having already being penned at this point, Blum says about the status of the film:

"We're moving forward on it, there will be some fun announcements on it very soon… I do believe that will be coming out in 2015."

When Blum was asked if this fall's PARANORMAL ACTIVITY could be the final one, he responded:

"For PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, I would never say never, my friend. I don't know, I really don't know the answer to that question. I wouldn't want to say anything and then be wrong. i don't think anyone really knows the answer to that."

If OCULUS turns out to be a hit, would Blum be involved in a sequel?

"I try not to think about that. I don't mean to be coy to answer that question. If the movie is a big hit and Mike wants to make a sequel, I'll be the first one saying let's make a sequel."

In regards to INSIDIOUS 3 which has a release date of April 3, 2015, Blum stated:

"It's very near, it's on the horizon. We'll have some announcements about that in the coming weeks. Both SINISTER 2 and INSIDIOUS 3 are on the fast track at our company."

This is all great news as it will be exciting to see what is in store for each of these films. We will keep you posted as more news arises.

OCULUS will be in theaters April 11th.

Source- AITH
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