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See The Brutal New Clip Plus Featurette Video For STAGE FRIGHT Here!

STAGE FRIGHT tells the story of a snobby musical theater camp terrorized by a blood thirsty masked killer who despises musical theater. Below you will find a couple of new videos for STAGE FRIGHT. The first is a brutal new clip and the other one is a wonderful featurette. The film is now available on VOD.

The cast includes Meat Loaf, Minnie Driver, Allie MacDonald, Douglas Smith, Kent Nolan, and Brandon Uranowitz. The film is written & directed by Jerome Sable.


“Starry eyed teenager Camilla Swanson wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a Broadway diva, but she’s stuck working in the kitchen of a snobby performing arts camp. Determined to change her destiny, she sneaks in to audition for the summer showcase and lands a lead role in the play, but just as rehearsals begin, blood starts to spill, and Camilla soon finds herself terrified by the horror of musical theatre.”

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