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Jason Voorhees Returns In JASON XMAS! See The First 2 Parts Right Here!

If you are craving something new from the world of Jason Voorhees then you have come to the right place. That's right, the relentless killing machine from Crystal Lake has returned. This time in a very clever fan web series format brought to us by creator Douglas A. Plomitallo titled JASON X-MAS. The idea behind this new Friday 13th concept is that a fresh installment will be released every month leading all of the way up until Christmas for the grand finale. Jason has decided to crash a family's holiday reunion. What kind of horrible holiday Hell awaits? The first two parts of JASON X-MAS have been made available and we have them both waiting for you all below!

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Wednesday 4/16/2014 at 11:11 PM | 102635