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CABIN FEVER Is Set To Be Remade! Details Inside

Most of you know that CABIN FEVER (2002) is a great Horror film which was directed by Eli Roth. The story followed five college friends that had decided to go to the woods and rent a cabin to have some fun. Little did they know that a terrifying flesh eating virus would be waiting for them. Fast forward to the present and the plan is for RLJ/Image Entertainment to release the prequel CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO on June 26th with Indomina producing.

The original idea was for Indomina to create back to back sequels for the franchise with the fourth installment being set on a cruise ship, but that idea has been changed into some bigger news.

B-D reports that Indomina has decided to get a remake of CABIN FEVER set into motion. The people over at Evolution Entertainment will be producing along with Cassian Elwes and Evan Astrowsky. There is no news as of yet whether or not Eli Roth will be involved.
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