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See The Trailer For 80's Style Slasher Flick LOST AFTER DARK Here!

The eighties were a very special time indeed. Those of us who were lucky enough to have lived during that time have to remember the magic of that era. During that period, a boom took place within Horror, in particular the slasher sub genre. If you are missing that eighties flavor in a Horror flick then you will be glad to know that a fix is on the way. From Raven Banner Entertainment and director Ian Kessner comes the newest eighties inspired slasher movie LOST AFTER DARK. The trailer has arrived (see below) and it looks like this one will be a lot of fun. The film stars Robert Patrick.


"Lost After Dark follows a group of teenagers who sneak out of a high school dance, and head out to party at a friend’s cabin. Along the way their ride breaks down, stranding them near an abandoned farmhouse. After the brutal murder of one of their friends, their quest for help becomes one of survival. Lost After Dark pays tribute to iconic horror classics like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and Friday the 13th. Its unique selling point is that the story is a homage told in a retro style that takes audiences back to 1984, when the slasher film ruled the box office."

LOST AFTER DARK currently does not have a date of release.
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