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Nightmarish Hell Awaits You In This Trailer For HORSEHEAD!

Director Romain Basset prepares for his feature length debut with the nightmarish film HORSEHEAD. The movie is gearing up for screening at Cannes International Film Market in hopes of being snatched up by some interested buyers. HORSEHEAD brings a whole lot of madness to the table with it's devilish imagery and the way that it brings a personal Hell to life. Venture down just a little further and you will find the trailer waiting there for you.

HORSEHEAD stars Catriona MacColl, Murray Head, Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux, Vernon Dobtcheff, Fu'ad Ait Aattou, Gala Besson, Joe Sheridan, Emmanuel Bonami, and Philippe Nahon.


"Since childhood, Jessica has been haunted by recurring nightmares in which she is chased by a mysterious horse-headed monster called Horsehead. In the hope to find peace at last, Jessica has started studying Psychophysiology of Dreams.

Following the death of her grand-mother, Jessica reluctantly returns to the family home for the funeral. Upon her arrival, she finds out that the dead body of her ancestor is lying in the room next to hers for the duration of the wake…

Jessica falls ill after a first rough night during which she had the strangest nightmare. Stuck in bed with a high fever, the young woman decides to make good use of her lethargic state. She experiments LUCID DREAMING and aims to take control of her nightmares, a dangerous exercise from which some never recover.

Jessica wanders in her own dream-world and investigates to solve the mystery that has been gnawing at her and her family for several generations. She will also have to confront the evil Horsehead one last time."

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