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Trailer For The Controversial Film NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN - Inspired By True Events

At last year's Cannes Film Festival, first time director Katrin Gebbe stood tall as her new film NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN was shown for all eyes present there to see. When a young man, Tore, is looking to start his life over he stumbles upon a family in need of help. He lends them a helping hand and is taken in by the grateful bunch. There he stays true to his religious beliefs and soon finds that evil is not that far away. Based off of true events and truly controversial in nature, this flick aims to uncover the deception within humanity's dark heart.

NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN stars Julius Feldmeier, Sascha Alexander Gersak, Annika Kuhl, and Swantje Kohlhof.


"Inspired by horrifying true events, Nothing Bad Can Happen follows Tore, a young lost soul involved with an underground Christian punk movement who falls in with a dysfunctional family who test his seemingly unwavering faith.

After a chance encounter helping stranded driver Benno, where Tore manages to start his car with an apparent miracle, he is invited back to Benno’s home and becomes friendly with him, his wife, and two children. Before long Tore moves into a tent in the garden and gradually becomes part of the family. However, Benno can’t resist playing a cruel game designed to challenge Tore’s beliefs. As his trials become more and more extreme, Tore finds his capacity for love and resilience pushed to its limits and beyond."

NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN will be in limited theaters June 27th.
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