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The Only Way To Escape The Silence Is To Scream - Trailer For SILENT RETREAT Is Here!

Camp settings have proven time and time again that they work very well within the world of Horror. Films like FRIDAY THE 13th, SLEEPAWAY CAMP, and most recently CAMP DREAD have taken the camp route with positive results. In Director Tricia Lee's new Horror flick SILENT RETREAT however, the cabins at this "camp" are used in a prison sense, with brainwashing tendencies of total silence and no eye contact allowed. This film has been making the rounds in the festival circuit and even won the award for Best Canadian Feature at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. We have the trailer for SILENT RETREAT waiting for you all down below.

SILENT RETREAT stars Chelsea Jenish, Robert Nolan, Jen Pogue, and Sofia Banzhaf.


"Janey is sent to a silent retreat in the middle of the woods for rehabilitation, only to discover that the men who run it are after more than her voice, and aren’t afraid to show her what lurks beyond the trees."

SILENT RETREAT will have a limited theatrical release June 13th.
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