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Big News On The Future Of THE WALKING DEAD!

THE WALKING DEAD has become one of the most popular television shows to ever exist. With the fourth season ending earlier on this year, the season finale set a new finale record with an impressive 15.7 million viewers. With that kind of strength and popularity it seems like the show is a mainstay.

It is no secret that the writers and producers of THE WALKING DEAD have long term plans for what is yet to come, but just how far are they looking to take it? Producer of THE WALKING DEAD David Alpert recently had this to say about adapting the comic book series:

“I happen to love working from source material, specifically because we have a pretty good idea of what season 10 is gonna be. We know where season 11 and 12…we have benchmarks and milestones for those seasons if we’re lucky enough to get there.”

Keep in mind that this all would all depend on if THE WALKING DEAD continues to draw sufficient ratings in the future. Twelve seasons is not impossible though. With the long term plans now on the table to take the show to those great lengths it will be interesting to see how the cast will change and take shape as time goes on. It will be challenging to find actors to portray pivotal characters that would be willing to commit to such long term agreements.

Season 5 of THE WALKING DEAD is the point of focus now as it gears up for television in the fall. There is also a spin off series that is currently in the infant stages of development which is slated for 2015.
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