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Friday the 13th Rap Song goes Viral!

We are thrilled to announce, the Friday the 13th rap song that went viral earlier this week has gone public on YouTube! The song leaked early and has spread through the horror community like a Crystal Lake rampage by Jason himself! The song received thousands of downloads hours after the leak!

Alex Edwards wrote and performed “Crystal Lake After Dark” It was intended to be released on June Friday the 13th the 57th Birthday of Jason Voorhees himself! Accidentally uploading it to a public host in order to share with his iTunes distributor, the song was discovered and went viral! Friday fans everywhere instantly fell in love. After being made aware of this, we asked Alex if he would release it a tad early for Friday fans who are craving the epic sound and are having a hard time locating it. He generously agreed and gave HorrorDomain the exclusive dips!

This is probably the most well crafted musical tribute to the Friday the 13th series! With non stop witty references to the movies that only a true fan will catch and an incredible performance from Alex Edwards himself, this song scores high on all fronts. Each line moves the story along in such a cleaver way, your ears will remain on the edge of their seats.

Crystal Lake After Dark was originally going to make it's debut on The Skeleton Crew's horror radio program's Friday the 13th Special! The show pulled out every stop to find out what is truly the greater franchise, Halloween or Friday the 13th They pit the movies against each other in every way imaginable and take a close look at each strength and weakness! After listening to the entire special, they do not think you will disagree after looking at it logically. So be sure to catch that show on and iTunes this June Friday the 13th ! The Skeleton Crew has plenty of Friday the 13th show in their catalog and interview many of the stars of the movies themselves! You can find all their shows at TheSkeletonCrew.NET

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